There are many online courses for learning SketchUp. Some good, some not, but I noticed a large gap in the available learning options, which is why I created FOCUSED SketchUp. What’s that gap you ask? I stumbled upon it myself while my wife and I were starting to deliver designs to our clients for our design firm, Arched Manor.

The gap is focusing on only the things in SketchUp that pertain to Interior Design, bypassing the rest (that only waste your valuable time), and teaching you how to take your model and render it so it looks like a photograph (using the V-Ray extension).

Below you will find the top 5 reasons why FOCUSED SketchUp stands out from the crowd and is the best option (in my opinion) for teaching yourself SketchUp and V-Ray for Interior Design.

1. It’s FOCUSED!

Seems like a cheesy reason, but it’s true! This course is FOCUSED on teaching you only the parts of SketchUp and V-Ray that you need to know for interior design, so that you can create amazing photorealistic 3-D renders in the least amount of time.

Some courses try to teach you all about SketchUp, but waste time teaching you things that don’t apply to interior design work. For example, some courses teach you how to add a roof to a house, which typically is not something you need to know when designing interior spaces.

Some courses teach you tools you don’t need to know, like the follow-me tool. With the extension I recommend in the course, you never need to use the follow-me tool, so you don’t need to waste time learning it.

Other courses don’t teach you SketchUp from an Interior Design perspective. They try to give you a broad understanding of all the SketchUp functionality. Let’s face it, SketchUp is a powerful tool and Interior Designers don’t need to learn everything in SketchUp. That would be a tremendous waste of time!

2. It comes with 800+ Pre-Made Objects and Downloads

Teaching you SketchUp is important, but giving you pre-made objects that you can easily import into your models will save you countless hours when modeling!

As you start to use the 3-D warehouse inside of SketchUp, you will quickly realize that you can spend way too much time searching for the object you need. It’s a terrible use of time, which is why I created “Packs” of objects that you can import into your projects and copy/move them into your space. Below is an example of one of the packs you get in the course – the Interior Door & Trim Pack. It contains 300 doors in 10 styles, and in 6 finishes:

“The goal of FOCUSED SketchUp is to not only teach you how to use SketchUp, but also to give you assets to speed your modeling and save you time!”

-John Kaplar

3. Teaches How to Render Your 3-D Model to be Photorealistic

Some courses out there only focus on 3-D modeling in SketchUp, and don’t teach you how to make your models look like a photograph. In this day and age, clients expect to be able to visually see a rendering of their space as close to real-life as can be. Just showing a 3-D model is not enough – making it photorealistic is key to wow-ing your clients and elevating your design brand!

4. Taught by an Interior Designer, for Interior Designers

This course was created because I faced the exact same problem you probably face – you need to learn how to create 3-D models for not only to help you in creating your designs, but also to show your clients a “real-life” version of what your design will be. The problem is you don’t have a lot of time – you are busy with client work and can’t squeeze in a large block of time to learn SketchUp. And if you have tried to learn, you probably were overwhelmed by all the scattered YouTube tutorials and blogs around the web.

You need a focused method of learning, and that is what FOCUSED SketchUp for Interior Design is all about! I use SketchUp for our client work and it has been such a huge asset to our company and our clients. I can’t imagine designing without it, which is why I’m so passionate about teaching it to others.

5. It’s Like One-on-One Instruction, But in some ways Better

It’s not truly one-on-one instruction – I’m not training you over zoom sessions and holding your mouse along with you (think of the movie Ghost, but your mouse instead of a clay pot)…but I’m in every lesson in the lower left corner and I talk to you like were were sitting across from each other.

I prefer this type of training because you have a person to look at, and who looks back at you. It’s not just a voice talking over the video – it’s a real person…me! And if you get stuck along the way, you can post in our private Facebook group and get the help you need from other students and me (I monitor the group daily). The group is a safe place to ask questions and be a part of our FOCUSED Family!

Listen to What Our Students Are Saying

It’s easy for me to ramble on about why I think FOCUSED SketchUp is the best way to learn SketchUp and V-Ray, but our students are fantastic advocates of the program and have had some awesome things to day about the course. Check it out!

When you are ready to dive in and learn SketchUp and V-Ray in a FOCUSED way, head on over to the course page and enroll! Can’t wait to see you in the course. 😎