Last Spring, I crafted a course on the premise of learning SketchUp and V-Ray in the best way possible for Interior Designers. It took much longer than I initially thought, but it launched in July and has helped designers all over the country (and Canada!) model their designs in 3-D and create amazing renders for their clients. That course, FOCUSED SketchUp for Interior Designers, was tailored around learning the basics of SketchUp, and how to use it to build interior models and apply materials, lights, and objects in V-Ray to render a photorealistic set of images.  There was one concentration of design though that needed more instruction and downloadable assets, and that’s the gap that this new course fills. So what is the course you ask? Here we go…

FOCUSED SketchUp for Kitchens & Baths is launching in mid-February!  This new course is focused on how to best use SketchUp and V-Ray for kitchen design and bathroom design.  It’s an intermediate level course, which means that you either need to have prior SketchUp and V-Ray experience, or have already taken FOCUSED SketchUp for Interior Designers.  It builds upon your basic skills and SketchUp knowledge and shows you how to easily model kitchens and bathrooms in the least amount time.

As you may have guessed, it comes with a crazy amount of pre-made objects to help you model faster, and it comes with the same level of support that FOCUSED SketchUp is known for.  All students will get access to the private Facebook group just for students, access to 2-months of zoom coaching calls, and email support.  These three levels of support ensure you don’t get stuck while designing your kitchen and bathroom models.

One of the biggest assets of this course is the NEW Inset Shaker Cabinet Pack, which now resides in a component library that can easily be loaded into SketchUp, and boasts an enormous amount of cabinets – over 530 to be exact. These are all easily modifiable so you can customize them if needed (something the current inset cabinet pack does not offer). 

Also, in the course, I’ll show you an extension to visually see your component library items and add them to your model in one click. This makes building a kitchen in SketchUp SO MUCH FASTER!

There are also new packs included in this course tailored to kitchens and baths:

  • Hood Range Pack
  • Hood Insert Pack
  • Panel Ready Refrigerator Pack
  • Fixtures Pack
  • Vanity Pack
  • Bathtub & Toilet Pack
  • And more!

Utilizing all these pre-made objects means that you can model in SketchUp in a fraction of the time it used to take.

The course is scheduled to launch on February 23 and I’ll be showing bits and pieces of it in the next few weeks inside our new Facebook Group, SketchUp & V-Ray | Mastermind Group for Interior, Kitchen, and Bath Design.  If you are not a member yet, click here:

Join the private Facebook group!

Also, there will be an early-access offer on the course, so join the early-access list by entering your name and email address on this page.