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3D Objects Warehouse

Three types of 3D objects to download and import into your SketchUp models!

1. Single Items

Specific items that are SketchUp and V-Ray friendly, ready to import into your model.

2. Packs

Collections of 3D Objects that you can download and use inside of SketchUp. 

3. Kits

A grouping of various 3D objects to form a specific product or item. 

Over 4000 Objects Ready to Download



A Virtual AI-Powered Expert You Can Ask Questions To, Anytime! 

Powered by chatgPT

Uses the latest ChatGPT 4 model to give the best answers possible.

trained on sketchup, layout, & v-ray

It knows all the rules, details, and methods for SketchUp, LayOut, and V-Ray, so it can give helpful, meaningful responses.

available 24/7

You don't have to wait for an email response or for a Facebook group member to respond - this is up 24/7 to help you anytime!

Members ALSO Save money WITH

Exclusive Discounts

As a FOCUSED 3D Club Member, you will get access to exclusive deals and discounts on extensions and SketchUp tools, ranging from 10% to 80%!
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  • 4000+ 3D Objects
  • Discounts on Tools & Extensions
  • Lifetime Access
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FAQ's and Answers


The FOCUSED 3D Club is a membership that provides access to over 4000 3D objects (made specifically for SketchUp and V-Ray), access to the FOCUSED AiBot that is trained to answer all your SketchUp, LayOut, and V-Ray questions, and gives exclusive discount codes for my top SketchUp extensions and tools. 

Primarily aimed at interior designers, kitchen designers, architects, and anyone that uses SketchUp for professional use.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime by using the options in the customer hub of our Samcart course portal

Yes, you can still use the items you download after you cancel, but you won’t have access to any new objects added to the club, and you will not have access to the FOCUSED AiBot. 

The FOCUSED AiBot is like having a personal assistant who is an expert in SketchUp, LayOut, and V-Ray.  It is powered by a trained ChatGPT AI model and is available 24/7 to give you help while learning and using SketchUp. 

There are three types of objects available: 1. Single Items, 2. Packs (collections) of items, and 3. Kits, which are groupings of objects that form a specific item (ex. Kitchen islands, built-in shelves, etc.).

– You will be sent your login instructions via email, and you can access the 3D Club on, and navigate to the 3D Club menu item.

Yes, you can use all objects inside the 3D Club for commercial and non-commercial projects.

No, by purchasing your membership, the licensing is tied directly to you and anyone else that needs/

No, given the nature of this type of product (digital), there is no satisfaction guarantee or refund policy for this membership.  

Yes, you can email [email protected] if you get stuck or have issues with 3D Club assets. 

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